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You know having a baby isn’t cheap, but one of the easily forgotten about associated costs is maternity wear!

Obviously, as your baby grows so too will your body and therefore it’s important to have comfortable fitting clothes.

But maternity clothing isn’t cheap – particularly if you’re into your fashion. You can easily pay £40-50 for a maternity dress from the big high street brands.

So how can you save money on maternity clothes?

Shop Secondhand

My go to in most situations – can I buy this secondhand?

Now, I don’t suggest getting your maternity undies secondhand of course, but you can save a lot of money by shopping on Facebook and Ebay.

Just search ‘Maternity Bundle’ and your clothing size and you’ll get lots of results.

You can pick up almost everything you need in one fell swoop for a bargain price.

Ask Friends

When I was pregnant with my first child, my friend offered me a bag full of her old maternity clothes which I gladly accepted.

My cousin’s girlfriend found out she was expecting shortly after my daughter was born and asked if I had any maternity clothes she could have – I was happy to pass them on. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Wear Loose Clothing

For the most part of my pregnancy, I wore my own clothes.

I like oversized, loose fitting tops and shirts and these were perfect to accomodate my growing bump.

Before you splash out on a whole new wardrobe, see what you can wear that you already own and just make a list to fill the gaps (like maternity jeans – don’t go squashing yourself into tight trousers!).

Budget Brands

I don’t normally like to advocate shopping at budget stores, but in this instance I feel it’s worth a mention.

Primark’s ‘big’ knickers are so comfortable, even when my bump was at it’s biggest. Plus they’re sooo cheap!

I also bought some comfy, wireless bras from there for next to nothing (I didn’t plan to breastfeed so didn’t need nursing bras)

Plus places like Boohoo and New Look often have 70% sales on which include their maternity ranges – a fab way to stock up on all your basics.

Size Up

Another way to keep costs down is by avoiding the ‘maternity’ label.

Certain styles and cuts of dresses and tops don’t actually need to be specifically for maternity so sometimes you can just size up a size or two rather than spending the extra on something just for that ‘maternity’ label.

Just try things on first and have a look from all angles. Oversized dresses are great but a big bump can make them rise up at the front and potentially leave you a little red faced!

Store Properly/Resell

And once you have your maternity wardrobe, it’s important to store your clothes away properly when you don’t need them anymore – if you’re planning on further children of course. Vacuum bags are great for taking up little space and keeping out dust and damp.

If you’re not planning on further children, whack them up on eBay or Facebook and recoup some of the money you spent. Maternity clothing, even secondhand sells really well year round.