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It can be tempting to want to spend a small fortune when decorating your baby’s nursery – particularly if it’s your first child.

But creating a calm and beautiful environment doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are some ways to keep the costs down.

Use Neutral Colours

Pick neutral colours for the walls and flooring. Not only are they usually cheaper (you can pick up huge tubs of white or grey emulsion for a fraction of a coloured pot) but they make redecorating in the future a breeze.

Sure, patterned wallpaper and hand painted murals look great – but practically speaking, you’ll find yourself completely redecorating every couple of years.

By using neutral base colours, you can add colour and personality to the space with accessories, soft furnishings and artwork.

Source Secondhand

A complete suite of nursery furniture – the cot, wardrobes, dressers etc. bought new will cost at least a few hundred pounds but can easily cost much more than that.

Instead, consider sourcing items secondhand.

For example, if you decide on white furniture you can easily look for pieces for sale locally on Facebook and Gumtree without having to worry about them being from the same range of furniture because white furniture will look cohesive.

You can often pick up fantastic bargains, because a lot of the time, people decorate their child’s nursery and don’t even use it!


Alternatively, you could buy any colour piece of furniture and upcycle it in a colour scheme that matches.

This is what we did with our first daughter’s room. We bought random pieces of furniture cheaply off Facebook and painted the main frames white and made all the pieces match by painting the shelves and drawers in different shades of pink to create a gradient effect.

We had lots of positive comments on the room and people couldn’t believe how cheaply we’d put it together.

Get Crafty

The statement piece of artwork in my daughter’s room is a floral monogram I made myself.

There are lots of beautiful pieces you can buy from the likes of Etsy but often it’s cheaper and more special to do it yourself.

I bought artificial flowers from Ikea (you can pick these up cheaply in a variety of stores such as B&M, Home Bargains and The Range), removed the stems and hot-glue-gunned them to a large ‘E’ I cut from cardboard.

It makes me smile every time I see it.

Pinterest is a goldmine for DIY nursery craft ideas.

Rethink What You Have

Before you go crazy buying accessories to make the space look pretty, have a look around your house and see what you already own.

I had lots of unused photo frames in a cupboard, so I hand-drew some animals to go in them as wall decorations.

We also had pastel coloured bunting from our wedding, so we hung this in the room too.

You might find you already have enough at home.


Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you choose to spend. But you can create a beautiful space on a small budget. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and imagination.